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His project

Our time in Belgium was ideal : a couple in love, four children, a united family and many friends. Ever since our personal encounter with Jesus and the resulting intimacy with God, life is deeply meaningful. Blessed too. With college education, house, cars and careers, the future seemed secured...

Then God spoke to both of us: “Leave everything behind!”.  She heard His voice. He didn't want to understand. But life's circumstances forced us to listen first and then obey.

In 2017, God asked us to go to Canada. Why Canada? We don't know. But the call was clear so we prepared ourselves for it. An exploratory trip in 2018, long immigration procedures in 2019 and of course a pandemic in 2020 which not only closed the doors from the promised land but also the call's.

But as a dad picks up the most exciting gift out of a secret box, God gave us a key that could open these doors: Youth with a Mission.

We quit our jobs, left our home, started homeschooling, said goodbye to our families and friends, received the blessing of our church to start this new project, His project.

If the doors open as He promised us, from September to December 2021 we will be trained by Youth With A Mission before ministering in Africa between January and April 2022.

And after ? We don't know. Like a little child, we expect our Father to get something out of the box!

Follow this story with us!

"Out of the box"
by Gionathan Loverde

December 2017​ -

Son projet: About
Son projet: About
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